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Han Xiaole Wins 2nd Prize in National Teaching Innovation Competition of University Students

author:Yang Bing Time:Jul 31, 2021 page views:

On July 27, the final of first National Teaching Innovation Competition of University Teachers was held at Fudan University. Han Xiaole, a teacher with the School of Chemistry and Materials Science of SCMZU, won a second prize.

Han Xiaole reported the innovation fruits of the course of “Physical Chemistry” at the site, showing the distinctive characteristics of centering on the students’ development, taking the intelligent classroom as a carrier, taking the classroom ideology as a channel, taking scientific popularization classroom as a means of extension, and aiming to improve the students’ innovation and creativity, which had won unanimous recognition from the judge panel.

The competition is the only teaching competition of university students that has been approved by the Ministry of Education and included into the “List of Items Reserved for the Three Evaluations and One Competition for Organizations Directly Affiliated to the Ministry of Education”. The competition is divided into two tracks, namely universities affiliated to the Ministry of Education and local universities. Each track is divided into three groups, senior, sub-senior, intermediate and below according to the professional and technical titles of the lecturers. A total of 50,386 teachers of 1,072 average undergraduate universities nationwide participated in campus-level competitions, 12,625 teachers participated in provincial competition and nearly 200 teachers participated in the final.

It was reported that the final of the next National Teaching Innovation Competition of University Teachers will be held in Xi’an Jiaotong University. SCMZU will actively organize more teachers to participate in the event, promote teaching and reform with competition, actively guide the teachers to give each class well and care about each student, thus constantly improving their teaching ability and quality through teaching reform.

(Editor: Liu Hong   Source: Academic Affairs Office)

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