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SCMZU Held Training Class on Standardized Production of Chinese Herbal Medicines and Standard Formulation

author:Li Xiaojun, Geng Xin Time:Oct 4, 2021 page views:

To promote the development of traditional Chinese medicine industry in Hubei Province, improve the quality of traditional Chinese medicines, and do a better job in the research, formulation and promotion of production standards for traditional Chinese medicines, on September 25th-27th, SCMZU worked with Standardization working group for famous regional Chinese Materia Medica of Hubei (its secretariat is affiliated to the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences of SCMZU) and Hubei University of Chinese Medicine to hold the training class on standardized production of traditional Chinese medicines and standard formulation in Yesanguan Town, Badong County, Enshi Prefecture.

More than 170 people from Chinese herbal medicine planting and processing enterprises, research institutes, colleges and universities, and related government departments from 7 cities in western Hubei, eastern Hubei, southern Hubei as well as Wuhan City, and Shennongjia forest region participated in the training. Duan Chao, Vice President of SCMZU; Huang Bisheng, Vice President of Hubei University of Chinese Medicine; Li Ping, Deputy Director of Traditional Chinese Medicine Department of Provincial Health Commission; and Wang Yongyu, Deputy Director of Standardization Department of Provincial Market Supervision Administration attended the opening ceremony.

Duan Chao pointed out in his opening speech that SCMZU had long supported the development of Badong County of Enshi Prefecture, and this training class was the fruit of our cooperation over the years. He hoped that experts and colleagues from all related fields in Hubei province and technicians of Chinese herbal medicine planting and production would strengthen contact with SCMZU, support and cooperate with SCMZU, and jointly promote the high-quality development of Chinese herbal medicine industry in Hubei province.

During the training, 9 well-known experts, managers and frontline experts in the field of Chinese herbal medicine production and standard formulation in Hubei province offered lectures on the standardized planting and processing of the genuine and bulk Chinese herbal medicines in Hubei province, and the research and formulation of technical standards for Chinese herbal medicine production. Professor Wan Dingrong and Associate Professor Li Xiaojun from School of Pharmaceutical Sciences of SCMZU, and Professor Ge Yuebin, who is temporarily employed in Changyang County, gave lectures entitled “the basic requirements of standardized production of Chinese herbal medicines and the development of Chinese herbal medicine industry in Hubei province”, “the study on the planting and primary processing of wrinkled papaya”, and “the collection of Chinese herbal medicines and their primary processing in their producing regions” respectively. The training class was rich in content, and was widely praised by the trainees.

(Editor: Feng Shanshan   Source: School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, and Scientific Research and Development Institute)

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