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SCMZU’s Library Ranked among Top 50 in Academic Capacity in 2021

author:Zhong Yuan Time:Dec 16, 2021 page views:

On December 13, the New Liberal Arts Committee of Shanghai Association for Cross-Strait Educational Exchange officially released the "2021 Library Academic Competitiveness Ranking". The ranking shows the level of academic competitiveness of various types of libraries in mainland China. Among the four major types of libraries, namely libraries of specialized research institutions, university libraries, public libraries and party school libraries, SCMZU’s library ranked the 66th. Among all university libraries, SCMZU’s library ranked the 47th. Among university libraries directly under National Ethnic Affairs Commission of the People's Republic of China, SCMZU’s library ranked first. Among university libraries in Hubei Province, SCMZU’s library ranked second after Wuhan University’s library.

The Library Academic Competitiveness Ranking is the first index for comprehensive evaluation of the level of academic competitiveness of libraries. The evaluation system covers 10 subdivisions in 3 categories including research capability, talent training and teacher ethics, using quantitative meta-indicators that best reflect the academic level of libraries, and adopting a comprehensive weighting of “journals+authors”, so as to provide a comprehensive evaluation basis with benchmarking criteria, multiple levels and multiple weight that is in line with industry characteristics.

As the literature and information resource center of the university, the university library provides services for talent training and scientific research, so academic research is an indispensable aspect of the university library work. In recent years, SCMZU library has attached great importance to academic research and actively encourages the librarians to carry out librarianship and intelligence research in conjunction with their practical work, and has achieved fruitful results. Up to 2020, 634 academic papers and 49 works with the library as the first contributing unit have been published, 21 consultancy research reports have been submitted, 1 art work has been produced, winning 23 scientific research awards. The library has undertaken 94 vertical academic projects with the approved funding of CNY 3.734 million, and 8 horizontal academic projects with the contract amount of CNY 933,000.

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