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Professor Li Ziyuan’s Book (Arabic Edition) Published

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Recently, the Arabic edition of the book "Research on the CPC’s Policy on Minority Culture Construction" written by Professor Li Ziyuan and others of the School of Marxism of SCMZU was published in Beirut, Lebanon by the Arab Science Publishing House. The book is a product of the Chinese Academic Foreign Translation Project carried out by the National Social Science Planning Office, and was translated by Professor Wei Qirong of the Beijing International Studies University. This is the book’s third version in foreign languages published in foreign countries since its English version translated by Professor Shi Xianglin was published in the UK in 2018.

The Arabic and English versions of "Research on the CPC’s Policy on Minority Culture Construction". Photo by School of Marxism

The book is a comprehensive and systematic study of the cultural construction of ethnic minorities by Communist Party of China, which uses methods of historical research, documentary research and field investigation. It interprets that the culture of China's ethnic minorities is the common spiritual wealth of the whole Chinese nation, systematically organizes the theory, guidelines and policies of the CPC in strengthening cultural construction of ethnic minorities, and puts forward specific measures and suggestions for the development and prosperity of the cultural construction of ethnic minorities. The book has been selected into the National Library of Philosophical and Social Science Achievements, and was published and distributed by People's Publishing House in 2011.

The Chinese Academic Foreign Translation Project is one of the main categories of projects of the National Social Science Foundation, which mainly subsidizes the publication of academic works that represent China’s academic standards, embody the essence of Chinese culture and reflect the frontier of China’s academic research by authoritative foreign publishing houses and the distribution of these works through mainstream distribution channels abroad. This project aims at deepening academic exchanges between China and foreign countries, enhancing the world's understanding of China and China’s academic research and achievements, strengthening the influence and power of discourse of China’s academic research in the world, and improving China’s cultural soft power. The project mainly subsidizes the translation of Chinese works into English, French, Russian, Arabic and Spanish.

In addition, the 10-volume series "Research on Ethnic Theory and Practice of Ethnic Work with Chinese Characteristics", chiefly written by Professor Li Ziyuan and jointly published by Guangxi People's Publishing House and People's Publishing House, was included in the list of national key books, audio-visual publications and electronic publications during the 14th Five-Year Plan period. The content of the series covers the revolutionary history of Chinese ethnic minorities, traditional ethics and morality of Chinese ethnic minorities, ethnic work of the Communist Party of China, construction of ethnic legal system, construction of ethnic culture, protection and development of traditional ethnic culture, opening-up of ethnic culture and cultural security, and the theory and practice of ethnic unity education, a total of more than 6 million Chinese characters, which displays the important scientific research achievements of Professor Li Ziyuan over the past several decades.

(Editor: Liu Qiong; Source: School of Marxism)

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