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The Second High-level International Personnel Experimental Class of SCMZU Opened

author:Zhang Yuzhi Time:Apr 24, 2022 page views:

On April 20, the second-session high-level international personnel experimental class of SCMZU opened. The opening ceremony was attended by Li Minjie, deputy dean of School of Foreign Languages (SFL), Geng Xiao, coordinator of the class and all the students.

As one of the earliest universities approved to build a practice base to cultivate top-notch international personnel, SCMZU attached great importance to the cultivation of international personnel. Besides, in cooperation with China Center for International People-to-People Exchange Ministry of Education, SCMZU has signed agreements with relevant units on the innovative practice program of high-level international personnel, including offering training courses for international management personnel, guiding students to write for international journals, and sending students to international organizations for practice. With a sino-foreign joint tutor system, the program will provide students with opportunities such as joining the international research team for practical study, essay writing guidance by foreign experts, etc. Furthermore, a second foreign language course and interdisciplinary courses will be provided.

As the program implementer, SFL plans to invite specialists in international organizations, government officials and transnational corporation personnel as visiting professors or part-time teachers to give lectures online or offline, and provide students with platforms for practice. Since the recruiting announcement, 35 applicants were admitted through rounds of qualification screening, written examination and interviews.

In the opening ceremony, Li Minjie congratulated the students. He said, the program has been highly valued by university leaders, related departments and schools. The program aims at fostering skilled, compound and innovative personnel with capability of using English and other international languages. Besides, the students are expected to master intercultural communication skills and have global competitiveness. He also said this program will provide students with internships in international organizations and renowned enterprises.

(The scene of the class, shot by Zhang Yuzhi)

Geng Xiao mobilized the students, hoping they could cherish this opportunity and study in a down-to-earth manner.

Edited: Liu Qiong; Source: Foreign Language School of SCMU

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