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SCMZU Theme Exhibition of “Art Designs Boosting Rural Revitalization in Ethnic Regions” Held in Enshi

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The exhibition of “art design boosting rural revitalization in ethnic regions”, hosted by the National Endowment for the Arts and jointly undertaken by SCMZU and the Department of Culture and Tourism of Enshi city, made its debut in the art center of Enshi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture on July 12th.

The exhibition in Enshi was the third stop of the exhibition tour which would last till July 26th. The last two exhibitions were held in Guanggu Art Gallery of SCMZU and the art gallery of North Minzu University in Yinchuan city, displaying the great power of art design in developing rural areas.

The opening ceremony of this exhibition was hosted by Xiao Hehu, the curator of Enshi cultural center, and attended by Bai Bin, the deputy director of Culture and Tourism Bureau of Enshi Prefecture, Xiang Jiding,  president of the Artists Association, Jin Hui, the vice president of the Literature and Arts Union, teachers from School of Fine Arts and Design of Hubei Minzu University, Wuhan University of Technology and SCMZU, as well as press representatives.

Cheng Chao, director of the project and vice president of the School of Fine Arts, delivered a speech, saying that art designs, serving as a productive force to push forward the rural revitalization, could not only improve the outlook of rural areas and the ecological environment, but also carry forward the excellent culture of Chinese nation and build a civilized rural atmosphere. Bai Bin expressed that this exhibition was of  significance in rural and cultural revitalization of Enshi Prefecture. Wu Haiguang, president of the School of Fine Arts of SCMZU declared the opening of the exhibition.

Successful project cases in ethnic regions of Enshi were displayed in the exhibition. It was exemplified by a series of innovative cultural products and designs based on the world cultural heritage Tangya Tusi city, providing solutions to the innovative and cultural product development and tourism of Tangya Tusi City, and bringing favorable economic and social benefits for local regions.

In the morning of the opening ceremony, Shi Qingmi, president of School of Fine Arts and Design of Hubei Minzu University, chaired a seminar where more than 20 experts and scholars made a deep and comprehensive discussion on rural revitalization facilitated by art designs.

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Reviewed by Pan Wenjun

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