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Cooperation and Innovation: SCMZU and Huawei Jointly Organize F5G Optical Access Technology Innovation Course

author:Ni Wenjun;Zhou Jin Time:Aug 28, 2022 page views:

The course “Huawei F5G Optical Access Technology”, jointly organized by the School of Electronics and Information Engineering and Huawei company, was conducted in the Academic Exchange Center on the morning of August 26th. It is one of the school-enterprise joint courses in the talent training system of “Huawei Innovation Class". The opening ceremony was hosted by Yang Chunyong, the president of the School of Electronics and Information Engineering and attended by representatives from Huawei, including Guo Jianhua, Huawei’s Manager of Education Industry Department in Wuhan, Shi Linbo, Huawei’s Education Business Manager of Hubei Government-enterprise Business Department, as well as representatives of Huawei ecosystem. The opening ceremony was also attended by Li Li, the Deputy Director of the Teaching Affairs Department of SCMZU, administrative staff and teachers at the School of Electronics and Information Engineering, and all the students of “Huawei Innovation Class” .

The opening ceremony. Photo provided by Zhou Jin

At the opening ceremony, Li Li commended the achievements made by Huawei in the construction of various fields, covering industrial college, professional discipline, talent training and social service since the comprehensive cooperation between Huawei and SCMZU. He said that this joint course worked as an important initiative of the School of Electronics and Information Engineering to implement “fostering industrial talent, serving regional economic development, optimizing specialty structure, and exploring school-enterprise cooperation”. The course can fully demonstrate the latest development of communication network technology, which is in line with the professional training program and discipline development orientation of the School of Electronics and Information Engineering. Chen Kun, the vice dean of the School of Electronics and Information Engineering, gave a detailed course introduction to the teachers and students, and Ni Wenjun read out regulations of class management.

After the opening ceremony, Luo Wu, a senior engineer from Huawei, delivered the first lecture. He introduced the basic principles and architecture of PON, the current mainstream optical access technology, and explained its application advantages, focusing on the basic concepts and characteristics of data communication as well as the functions of each layer of TCP/IP hierarchy and data encapsulation process. To benefit more teachers and students, the course was live-streamed, getting more than 800 views involved.

The course contains 40 hours, twice a week, and will last until November. It is one of the contents of the “ICT College” jointly built by SCMZU and Huawei, with the target to improve the quality of talent training and better meet the needs of social development. The School of Electronics and Information Engineering will further implement the cooperation with Huawei and other head enterprises in construction of industrial college and professional disciplines, and improvement of talent training quality.

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