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SCMZU Sci-tech Special Commissioners Offer Science and Technology Services in Zhongxian County, Chongqing

author:Liu Xinqiong Time:Aug 1, 2022 page views:

On August 14th, a team of science and technology experts, invited by Chongqing Science and Technology Commission, set off for Peiwo Family Farm in Mozi Tujia Township in Zhong County, Chongqing to carry out science and technology services and promote the development of local special agricultural industry. The team includes Professor He Donglan, the Dean of Graduate School, and Professor Liu Xinqiong from College of Biology.

As they arrived at Peiwo Family Farm, under the guidance of the local technicians, the team set about inspecting the surroundings of morel and Agrocybe cylindracea at the edible fungi planting base for more information about their growth cycle and conditions, and the occurrence of pests and diseases. Directed against the farm’s concern about edible fungi cultivation technology and pest problems, the two professors delivered in-depth and detailed explanations about various aspects, including the temperature and humidity conditions for the cultivation of morel and Agrocybe cylindracea, the prevention of contamination by mixed bacteria, the comprehensive reuse of mushroom residue and the prevention and control strategies for pests and diseases. In the sorghum planting base, an on-the-spot instruction was conducted by the team on the selection of sorghum varieties, organic cultivation techniques and biological control of pests and diseases, etc. The team also discussed with the farm technicians on the processing of agricultural products, industrial development and sales links. Both sides reached an agreement on the technical support methods and mechanisms.

When leaving Peiwu farm, the team purchased the backlog of agricultural products to implement the consumption support policies, and made suggestions for the sale of its products and proposed to align on the trading platform.

The system of special commissioners in science and technology is a talent scheme of Chongqing Municipal Science and Technology Commission to improve the urban and rural socialized sci-tech service system and accelerate the development of modern agriculture and emerging industries. It is carried out according to the “Implementation Plan of the Further Sci-tech Commissioner System in Chongqing”, aiming at accelerating the transformation and promotion of advanced and applicable sci-tech achievements in relevant districts and counties in Chongqing, improving the local capacity of sci-tech innovation and entrepreneurship, and providing effective sci-tech support and intellectual services for deeper urban-rural integration.

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Reviewed by Pan Wenjun

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