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Academic workshop led by Professor Huang Chuanhui from the School of Education produced Five National Funds

author:Yi Jiao Time:Oct 7, 2022 page views:

In late September, the National Natural Science Fund review result for 2022 was released. Huang Chuanhui, a professor from the School of Education was funded once again. So far, the academic workshop on National Fund application founded by her has successfully assisted five members to win national grants. Fan Fulan is one of them.

The workshop was initiated in 2018 under the leadership of the School of Scientific Research and Development. With the support of relevant departments and schools, team members of the project have achieved remarkable results in scientific research.

The School of Education attaches great importance to the construction and development of the workshop. Professor Huang has devoted to exploring new models to improve the overall faculty academic research. Activities such as reading clubs, workshops and project application simulation were frequently held so that members can learn from each other and make common progress.

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