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SCMZU Gained a Key Project of NSFC Joint Fund for Regional Innovation and Development

author:​Bai Yun Time:Nov 15, 2022 page views:

On November 8, the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) announced the review results of the 2022 Regional Innovation and Development Joint Fund Project, among which the project "Study on the construction, structural evolution and efficient Fischer-Tropsch synthesis process of confined iron carbide" received a direct fund of 2.55 million yuan. Under the lead of Professor Li Jinlin from SCMZU, the project has been applied together by Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Wuhan University.

Jointly funded by NSFC and local governments, the National Natural Science Foundation of China Regional Innovation and Development Joint Fund aims to attract scientific research talents. Focusing on key scientific issues in regional development, one of its goals is to carry out basic research on major needs in regional economic and social development, so as to promote cross regional, cross sectoral collaborative innovation and regional independent innovation.

The research team led by Professor Li Jinlin is an innovative group in Hubei Province. It has kept on carrying out systematic research and development of Fischer-Tropsch synthesis catalytic technology for long periods, and won two second prizes of Hubei Natural Science Award, with more than 150 papers related to Fischer-Tropsch synthesis published in Nature Commun, Journal of Catalysis and other journals. Over recent years, the team has undertaken more than 20 national, provincial and enterprise level horizontal cooperation projects in the research field of catalytic transformation of carbon resources.

Up to now, SCMZU has received 26 National Natural Science Funds in 2022, including one key project of the Joint Fund for Regional Innovation and Development, 12 general projects and 13 Science Fund for Young Researchers.

SCMZU’s NSFC projects in 2022:

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