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SCMZU Approved 21 Projects of Hubei Provincial Science and Technology Program

author:Zou Zhe Time:Dec 1, 2022 page views:

Recently, Hubei Provincial Science and Technology Department has posted the list of projects of Hubei Provincial Science and Technology Plan for 2022. As of November 28, 21 projects of SCMZU has been approved, with funds of 4.05 million RMB. The projects cover various categories such as key R&D project, basic condition platforms, international cooperation, provincial natural science funds, etc., involving high-tech, social development, basic research and other research fields.

Among the 21 projects, 3 are Hubei key R&D projects, including one project for young scientists, whose research fields are key technologies of carbon peaking and carbon neutralization in key fields, industrial pollution control technology, artificial intelligence field, etc; one project funded by the basic conditions platform, which could be attributed to SCMZU brilliant annual performance in the Hubei Wuling Mountain Wild Plant Natural Science Resource Bank that was rated excellent in the evaluation and was secondly awarded post-grant; one international cooperation project, involving innovation cooperation with “The Belt and Road Initiative” and RCEP countries; 16 natural science foundation projects, including 6 youth projects, 9 general projects and 1 guidance project.

The list of SCMZU projects of Hubei Provincial Science and Technology Program in 2022

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