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Three Graduate Courses of SCMZU Selected as the List of Online Model Courses Construction for Graduate Students of Arts

author:Yang Ting Time:Feb 23, 2023 page views:

On February 18, the National Steering Committee for Postgraduate Education of Art Degrees released the Notice on the Progress of the Current Phase of the Online Model Courses for Postgraduate Students of Master of Arts Degree, among which three postgraduate courses of the School of Music and Dance of SCMZU were on the construction list.

After the experts’ evaluation organized by the Steering Committee, 260 courses were initially selected for the next construction stage among nearly 400 courses submitted by 125 training institutions nationwide, including three from SCMZU,  which are “Appreciation of Chinese Ancient Poems and Songs” by Wang Ju, “Music Analysis” by Xu Jia and “Training and Research of Folk Dance with Hubei Characteristics” by Meng Xiangyu.

The head of the Graduate School said that it was a breakthrough for SCMZU in the construction of graduate courses, which could support the reform of education and teaching and talent cultivation. As a leadership role in improving the quality of postgraduate education and teaching, SCMZU will further promote the construction, theoretical research and teaching practice of postgraduate courses, and build a number of school-level postgraduate courses of excellence.

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