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SCMZU Approved 17 Hubei Teaching and Research Projects in 2022

author:Song Rong Time:Feb 23, 2023 page views:

On February 20, Hubei Provincial Department of Education has posted the list of Provincial Teaching and Research Projects in 2022, among which 17 projects of SCMZU were approved.

List of SCMZU projects of Teaching and Research Projects in Hubei Province in 2022

Research and practice of teaching reform plays an important role in higher education and teaching reform, talent training and higher education teaching accomplishments. The head of Academic Affairs Office said that SCMZU will further improve the management and guidance of teaching and research projects, enhance the publicity, promotion and transformation of teaching and research achievements. Meanwhile, the increasing engagement of front-line teachers in research and practice of education and teaching reform could help promote the quality of talent training and teaching and research achievements.

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