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The International Chinese Language Day Project of SCMZU —— Series of Music and Dance Works Went Online on the International Platform

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On April 20th, the International Chinese Language Day project of SCMZU, “Chinese Melodious Treasures Multiple Blossoming” —— An Exhibition of Music and Dance Series Works under the Perspective of Consolidating a Strong Sense of Community, was successfully launched on the International Chinese Language Day online platform. The project lasted half a year, with its main goal to strengthen cultural self-confidence, and extend the reach and appeal of Chinese culture. It has created 13 representative original music and dance works, which will be promoted on platforms at home and abroad.

Flute and Poems: A Moonlit Night on the Spring River.

Photo provided by the School of Music and Dance.

The project was applied by the Office for International Cooperation and Exchange of SCMZU in November 2022 and successfully established in January 2023. School of Music and Dance is responsible for the creation and shooting of works of the project. “Chinese Melodious” refers to the integration of Chinese culture, and “Treasures” are excellent Chinese music and dance. “Chinese Melodious Treasure” is the symbol of Chinese culture that refines the commonality of works, and “Multiple Blossoming” refers to the diversity of art types and expression of different styles of music and dance, which are presented in the form of dance, vocal music, instrumental music, ensemble and chorus that reflect historic traditions and humanistic spirit.

Dance and Tao: Fishes Leap.

Photo provided by the School of Music and Dance.

The project works are divided into three chapters, which are Landscape and Song, Dress on the Earth and Chinese Charm. They tell the poetic charm of landscape, living beings and humanities in Chinese land in the form of song, music and dance. The series video works of music and dance of this project, launched on the platform of International Chinese Language Day, would help SCMZU’s international publicity of ethnic affairs and serve the international Chinese promotion and overseas dissemination of Chinese culture.

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