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SCMZU Gained Two Chinese Academic Translation Projects of NSSF

author:Liu Zhanyong Time:May 19, 2023 page views:

On May 12, the National Office for Philosophy and Social Sciences announced the list of Chinese Academic Translation Projects of the National Social Science Fund (NSSF) of China for 2023. Professor Li Minjie and Associate Professor Zhu Wei’s project are on the list respectively.

It is the second time that SCMZU has achieved such progress in this field after the ground-breaking success in 2021. This year, NSSF has established 234 Chinese Academic Translation Projects nationwide, two of which are from SCMZU, taking a lead among universities under National Ethnic Affairs Commission and universities in Hubei Province.

NSSF Project is the highest-level and most authoritative scientific research project of China’s philosophical social sciences research, and the Chinese Academic Translation Project is one of its main categories. The Project aims to support Chinese scholars to publish in foreign languages academic masterpieces representing Chinese academic standards, reflecting the essence of Chinese culture and reflecting the frontier of Chinese academia in authoritative publishing institutions abroad. It will deepen academic exchanges and dialogues between China and foreign countries, further expand the international impact of Chinese academics and help the world better understand China’s development in philosophy and social sciences.

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