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SCMZU’s First Batch of Digital Textbooks Published

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From January to May, three digital textbooks, which are “Principles of Operating System” edited by Ai Yong from School of Computer Science, “Popular Science: Decryption of the Magic World” edited by Han Xiaole from School of Chemistry and Materials Science, and “Leather Together” edited by Ding Ying of School of Fine Arts, were officially published. It has achieved breakthrough in digital textbooks and marked new progress in SCMZU’s textbook construction and management.

The first batch of digital textbooks were jointly revised and published by Publishing House of Electronics Industry and Beijing Huaxin Electronic Publishing House Co., Ltd. Wuhan Chaoxing Shutu Education Technology Co., Ltd. was responsible for the production and distribution. The three digital textbooks are based on the construction of the courses, including digital teaching resources such as written knowledge, courseware, audio and video, animation and item bank, etc. They are open to teachers and students for free through chaoxing platform and can be directly applied to the blended teaching of the corresponding courses.

“Principles of Operating System” is the supporting digital textbook of Hubei first-class online and offline blended course, which mainly tells the operation mechanism and design technology of modern operating system. It aims to enable students to master the concepts, principles, strategies, algorithms and implementation methods of each module of computer operating system, and receive good training in scientific thinking and experiments.

“Popular Science: Decryption of Magic World” is the supporting digital textbook of Hubei first-class online course. It mainly takes the current research achievements of chemistry, pharmacy, biology, food, environment, information technology and other social hot issues as the content, and consider the promotion of scientific spirit, advocacy of scientific methods, dissemination of scientific thoughts and knowledge as the objectives, which improves the effect of knowledge transfer through scientific design of teaching content and understandable lectures.

“Leather Together” is the supporting textbook for school-level online course. It mainly teaches basic methods including printing, leather selection, leather cutting, decorative stitching, edge sealing, bonding, punching, sewing, polishing and hardware installation, etc. By sharing creative ideas and production techniques, it guides students to make attractive handmade leather goods and stimulates students’ strong desire to design and make handmade leather goods.

In recent years, SCMZU has actively conformed with the application trend of information technology in education, strived to implement the new requirements of textbook construction in the new era, actively promoted the reform and innovation in the form of textbooks, and continuously improved the quality and standard of the textbooks. In 2022, SCMZU started the first school-level textbook construction project and a total of 17 textbooks in new forms got the approval, which encouraged teachers to speed up the reform and innovation of textbooks for the future, built textbooks with new fields, contents and forms.The three digital textbooks published this time are among the project funded by school.

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