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SCMU Triumphs with Top Honors at the 2023 National University Business Elite Challenge

author:Liao Xiaomei, Wang Lei Time:Oct 27, 2023 page views:

On October 15th, the online national finals of the prestigious National University Business Elite Challenge “Jingchuang Education Cup” Entrepreneurship Simulation Track, concluded with SCMU students achieving remarkable success. This highly competitive event, featuring nearly 10,000 participants from 1453 teams across more than 350 colleges in 30 provinces, witnessed SCMU securing two national first prizes and four second prizes, underscoring the university’s commitment to excellence in business and entrepreneurship education.

The National University Business Elite Challenge, a key event in the national college competition circuit, saw a significant contribution from SCMU. The university’s concerted effort, spearheaded by the School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship and supported by the Experimental Teaching and Engineering Training Center, the School of Management, School of Economics, School of Law, and the Center for Modern Educational Technology, ensured a comprehensive approach from the initial stages to the national finals. Teams of “Peninsula Iron Box” and “Galaxy Guard”, whose names reflect creative and strategic thinking, emerged victorious, clinching two first prizes. Teams of “Li’s Not-So-Sweet Sugar”, “Naming Difficulty”, “Seriously Tanking”, and “Four Small Biscuits” also performed impressively, securing second prizes. This platform not only tested students’ business acumen but also enhanced their teamwork, problem-solving, and entrepreneurial skills.

The competition, designed to simulate the entrepreneurial journey from inception to realization, enabled participants to form teams and navigate through various stages of a business startup, including market analysis, human resource management, product and service management, and financial strategies. Reflecting on the competition, SCMU students shared how the experience fostered their growth in critical thinking and strategic decision-making, vital skills for their future careers.

The awards won by SCMU are as follows:

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