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SCMU Recognized for Excellence: Three Teaching Organizations Win Provincial Honors

author:Qin Jun Time:Dec 29, 2023 page views:

On December 28th, a significant announcement came from the Hubei Provincial Department of Education. The department released its 2023 list of distinguished grassroots teaching organizations in Hubei’s higher education institutions, and SCMU stood out with three of its groups earning this prestigious recognition. These include the Control Science and Engineering Course Group from the School of Computer Science, the Art Studies Teaching and Research Office from the School of Fine Arts, and the Introduction to the Chinese National Community Course Group from the Institute of Chinese National Community Studies.

SCMU’s recent years have been marked by a concerted effort to strengthen its grassroots teaching organizations. A notable step in this direction was the introduction of the SCMU Management Measures for Grassroots Teaching Organizations policy earlier this year. This framework clearly defines the responsibilities of these groups, emphasizing their essential role in promoting national community consciousness and the university’s core mission of moral education.

SCMU’s achievements in educational excellence are widespread. The university has been honored with two Ministry of Education pilot projects for virtual teaching and research offices, a provincial-level Ideological and Political Teaching Demonstration Research Center, along with 23 other provincial-level outstanding teaching organizations and 11 teaching teams. These accolades span 19 different schools and encompass a diverse range of fields, including Economics, Law, Education, Literature, Science, Engineering, Management, Medicine, and Art. This array of recognitions demonstrates SCMU’s unwavering dedication to fostering top-tier majors, courses, and undergraduate education programs.

Edited by Liu Qiong, Reviewed by Lei Changsheng

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