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Professor Wan Dingrong Earns Top Honors in the 2023 Chinese Society of Ethnic Medicine Science and Technology Award

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On December 9th, at the joint 2022 and 2023 award ceremony hosted by the Chinese Society of Ethnic Medicine in Beijing, Professor Wan Dingrong of SCMU’s School of Pharmacy achieved a significant milestone. His leading project, “Development and Promotion of International Standards for Artermisia Argyi Leaf and Related Standards in the Artermisia Argyi Industry Chain”, was awarded the prestigious first prize in the 2023 Chinese Society of Ethnic Medicine Science and Technology Award for Drug Innovation.

        Professor Wan Dingrong (Fourth from Left, Front Row) Receives Award on Stage

Photo Provided by School of Pharmacy

This commendable achievement was a collaborative effort involving major institutions, including the Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Hubei University of Chinese Medicine, and others. Professor Wan, spearheading the project for over a decade, led groundbreaking research in establishing global quality control standards for Artermisia argyi leaf and key moxibustion products like Artermisia argyi cotton and sticks. His team was instrumental in developing the “Traditional Chinese Medicine-Artermisia Argyi Leaf” (ISO 20759) international standard, thereby positioning Chinese Artermisia argyi leaf at the forefront of the global market and setting technical rules for their international trade. The project extensively researched environmental and cultivation factors impacting Artermisia argyi leaf quality, leading to the “Technical Regulations for the Cultivation of Traditional Chinese Medicinal Materials-Qichun Artemisia”.

The team’s innovative use of modern identification and analysis methods set new benchmarks in the authenticity verification and quality control of moxibustion products, culminating in standards like the “Quality Testing Specifications for Qichun Artermisia Argyi Sticks”. These standards have played a crucial role in regulating the market, ensuring the efficacy and safety of moxibustion therapy, and addressing longstanding challenges in product verification. The project’s outcomes have significantly boosted the entire Artermisia argyi industry in China, from cultivation to final product, by enhancing quality control technologies and standards.

The team’s efforts in disseminating these results through numerous lectures, training sessions, and integration into university English textbooks have greatly amplified their impact.

Remarkably, the international standard ISO 20759 for Artermisia argyi leaf has been adopted as a national standard by countries like the UK, the Netherlands, Kenya, and Russia, marking a significant step in the standardization and globalization of traditional Chinese medicine. This has not only enhanced the international application of Artermisia argyi leaf but also generated considerable socio-economic benefits.

Professor Wan Dingrong Speaks as Awardee Representative

Photo Provided by School of Pharmacy

At the award ceremony, Professor Wan, alongside Professor Huang Xianju, who won the 2022 award for Drug Innovation, represented the awardees with a speech. Professor Huang’s winning project, “Active Evaluation and Development of Yunnan’s Ethnic Medicine Veratrilla baillonii”, highlighted SCMU’s role as a leading research institution. The project, spanning a decade, delved into the pharmacological effects and active components of Veratrilla baillonii, exploring its potential in treating toxin-related disorders and metabolic imbalances. The team’s contributions, including 34 high-level academic papers and four patents, have illuminated new therapeutic pathways and underscored the untapped medicinal value of Veratrilla baillonii.

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