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SCMU Students Excel at the 2023 China College Students’ Engineering Practice and Innovation Competition

author:Liao Xiaomei, Gong Yuchao Time:Jan 4, 2024 page views:

From November 24 to 26, 2023, SCMU’s team made their debut at the National Finals of the China College Students’ Engineering Practice and Innovation Competition, held at Northwestern Polytechnical University. Participating for the first time, they impressively qualified for the national finals in the solar electric vehicle track within the new energy vehicle category, ultimately securing a national silver award among 204 teams.

Organized into three levels—school, provincial, and national—the Engineering Practice and Innovation Competition has garnered substantial support from SCMU. The College of Innovation and Entrepreneurship led the initiative, in partnership with the Experimental Teaching and Engineering Training Center, the School of Computer Science, and the Future City Management Office, to prepare a school-level contest. This process selected seven teams for the provincial contest. The Engineering Training Center’s dedicated coaching team provided professional guidance and detailed feedback, refining and optimizing design proposals for peak performance.

The combined efforts of the coaches and teams bore fruit at the provincial level, where SCMU won one first-place, five second-place, and one third-place awards. The team of Qiu Jishun, Feng Yaxing, Yu Yue, and Chen Xuan, having won first place provincially, advanced to the nationals. Under the guidance of coaches Gong Yuchao and Zhang Bingyang, their rigorous training paid off, winning a silver award in the national solar electric vehicle competition.

SCMU’s Team at the National Competition Test Site

Photo Provided by the College of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The Ministry of Education’s Higher Education Engineering Training Teaching Steering Committee organizes the biennial Engineering Practice and Innovation Competition. It’s highlighted in the Ministry of Education’s Review, Assessment, and Competition List (2021 Edition) as an advanced version of the comprehensive engineering training competition for college students. The competition features new energy vehicles, “Intelligence+” and virtual simulation tracks, including eight events: solar electric vehicles, thermoelectric vehicles, intelligent logistics handling, intelligent waste sorting, flight vehicle design simulation, intelligent connected vehicle design, engineering scene digitalization, and enterprise operation simulation. With the theme of “Cross-Integration for Engineering Innovation Excellence, Upholding Virtue and Diligence to Build a Manufacturing Powerhouse”, this year’s competition attracted participation from nearly 700 colleges and universities with 1,121 teams. The national finals showcased competitions in solar electric vehicles and engineering scene digitalization, with 275 teams from 198 universities, bringing together over a thousand exceptional talents to compete.

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