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Three Students from the “New Youth Global Competence Program” Participate in International Exchange Projects Overseas

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From January to February 2024, two students from SCMU's “New Youth Global Competence Program” traveled to the United States to participate in an overseas social research project, and one student participated in an international volunteer program.

The “New Youth Overseas Social Research Project” focuses on conducting research around education, culture, family, public safety, volunteer service, and other areas. Meng Yang, a Pharmacy student from the class of 2020, and Suna from the Law School class of 2022 participated in this project. Over the course of ten days, they conducted in-depth research into various topics, including the educational environments and systems of China and the US, family education and residential culture, popular culture, nonprofit organizations and volunteer services, and the social functions and public safety systems of both countries. This research allowed them to gain a deep understanding of American culture while also spreading Chinese traditional culture.

Group Photo of New Youth Overseas Social Research Project Participants.

Photo Provided by School of Public Administration

The international volunteer program aims to support the internationalization goals of higher education institutions and cultivate high-level, complex talents with a sense of national identity, a global perspective, and international competitiveness. Tan Xiang, a student from the School of Management class of 2021, participated in this program. During the project, Tan Xiang, as an international volunteer, engaged in four weeks of volunteer and practical activities alongside local colleagues and international students in community development and service centers. He dedicated his efforts to the PACS organization, which transforms goods into sustainable resources through charity sales to support community development. Through teamwork, he profoundly understood the power of cooperation and the significance of volunteer work.

The New Youth Global Competence Talent Development Program is sponsored by the China Education Association for International Exchange under the Ministry of Education. It combines courses and practical experiences to cultivate high-level talents with a sense of national identity, a global perspective, and international competitiveness. Overseas practical activities are a crucial component of the program. Implemented collaboratively by our university’s Academic Affairs Office, the Student Affairs Department, and the School of Public Administration, the program focuses on fostering students’ sense of national identity, broadening their international horizons, and enhancing their cross-cultural communication skills.

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