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SCMU Achieves Record-High with 5 National Art Fund Projects

author:Liu Zhanyong Time:Mar 18, 2024 page views:

On March 14th, the National Art Fund Management Center announced the list of approved projects for the 2024 National Art Fund. SCMU has been awarded five National Art Fund projects, including one project for art talent training and four projects for the creation of small plays/programs and works. This achievement ranks SCMU among the top universities directly under the National Ethnic Affairs Commission and in Hubei Province, marking an historic high for the university.

In recent years, SCMU has continuously innovated its approaches and pathways for organized scientific research, strengthened coordination between the university and its schools, and enhanced research management and services. The university has placed great emphasis on organizing applications for National Art Fund projects. By leveraging the strategic advantages of its research platforms and utilizing the national-level workshops as a driving force, SCMU has increased funding support for basic research projects. Simultaneously, the university has focused on strengthening application review processes, inviting relevant experts from within and outside the university to organize multiple rounds of on-site review sessions. These sessions have helped refine application materials, improve overall quality, and enhance project competitiveness. Since 2017, SCMU’s efforts in cultivating and applying for National Art Fund projects have become regularized, with a steady increase in the number of approved projects.

List of Approved Projects for the 2024 National Art Fund:

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