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SCMU Approved for 25 Hubei Provincial Natural Science Foundation Projects in 2024

author:Bai Yun Time:May 21, 2024 page views:

On May 14th, the Hubei Provincial Department of Science and Technology announced the list of approved projects for the 2024 Hubei Provincial Natural Science Foundation. SCMU secured 25 projects, including one Innovation Group Project, six Key Projects of the Innovation Development Joint Fund, three Cultivation Projects of the Innovation Development Joint Fund, 12 General Projects, one Youth Project, and two Guidance Projects.

This year, SCMU achieved a record high in the number of approved Innovation Group and Key Projects. The project proposed by Professor Yang Chunyong from the School of Electronic Information Engineering was approved as an Innovation Group Project, which is currently one of the most influential and competitive talent team projects in the field of basic research in Hubei Province. Additionally, Zhang Zehui from the School of Chemistry and Materials Science, Fu Haiyan, Yin Shijin, Xiang Meixian, Xu Jing from the School of Pharmacy, and Cao Yanmin from the School of Resources and Environmental Sciences were approved for Key Projects.

In recent years, the university has placed great emphasis on the application process for provincial funds, implementing an overall plan, scientific planning, and unified deployment. A series of innovative measures were introduced to motivate and inspire faculty members in their scientific research endeavors, actively serving the development of the university’s scientific research undertakings. The Academy of Scientific Research Development invited external experts to review and provide modification suggestions for the proposed projects, effectively improving the quality of project applications. Additionally, internal and external experts were organized to conduct defense coaching for the Innovation Group and Key Projects, ensuring comprehensive service and support. Moving forward, the university will further enhance its basic research and applied basic research capabilities, fully leveraging its strengths and actively aligning with Hubei’s economic development strategies. Efforts will be made to improve the ability and level of undertaking major scientific research projects.

2024 List of Approved Projects for the Hubei Provincial Natural Science Foundation

Edited by Liu Qiong, reviewed by Lei Changsheng, May 21, 2024

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