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Alumni Couple Li Hongran and Liu Juying Donated Books of Classic Edition to SCMZU Library

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Recently, alumni couple Li Hongran and Liu Juying donated books of classic edition to SCMZU library. In order to celebrate the 70th anniversary of SCMZU, they bought “Chinese Classics”, “Classic Edition of Complete Library in the Four Branches of Literature”, “Revised Version of The Twenty-Four Histories”, “Complete Poetry Collection in Tang Dynasty”, and “Complete Poetry Collection in Song Dynasty” at their own expenses, with the total of 441 books, costing 16000 yuan.

Alumni Li Hongran and Liu Juying donated books to SCMZU library. Photographer: Xiang Yonghong

Mr. Li Hongran and Ms. Liu Juying are both the first Chinese undergraduate student of 1958 in SCMZU, who stayed in SCMZU after graduation to be teachers for almost 30 years. They have deep affection towards SCMZU, pay close attention to SCMZU’s development, take students from all ethnic groups as their relatives, and often invite students into their home. Mr. Li Hongran was chief editor of “SCMZU Journal”, and Director of Chinese Department. He has been teaching in the School of Arts of Hainan University since 1988.

As a famous expert in the research field of  Chinese minority literature, Mr. Li Hongran was the first Secretary General of Chinese Minority Writers Association, the Vice President of China Minority Literature Research Association, and Vice President of China Minority Literature Association. He is now the excellent expert in Hainan, enjoying special allowance of the State Council. In Nov. 1986, Changjiang Literature and Art Publishing House published “Historic Draft of Contemporary Chinese Minority Literature” with Mr. Li as the chief editor. In 2005, Mr. Li won the commentary and theory collection award of the 8th National Minority Literature Creation Horse Award with his masterpiece “On the History of Contemporary Chinese Minority literature” with 1.3 million characters. In recent years, He has published more than 120 academic papers in domestic and overseas newspapers including “China Daily”, “Guangming Daily”, “Series of Literary Criticism”, “Collection of Essays on New Literature”, “Studies of Ethnic Literature”, “Historical Research”, “Chinese Literature”, and “Xinhua Digest” foreign language edition, and many of his papers won national or local awards, and was translated into foreign languages and introduced abroad.

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