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SCMZU’ College for Senior Citizens Cooperated with Community to Participate in Music Party Class Activity of “Achievements through Ages, and Prosperity for Hundreds of Years”

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Recently, a special “music Party class” was implemented in Guanshan Subdistrict Hongshan District. The women’s chorus of College for Senior Citizens of SCMZU cooperated with the School of Music and Dance, and students from Youth League Committee rehearsed the program of “Defending the Yellow River”, which participated the Party class activity held by Guanshan Subdistrict on behalf of SCMZU community.

The music Party class followed the idea of “A Brief History of the Chinese Communist Party”, and was divided into 10 chapters, with excellent musical works in each period throughout the whole class, and the students and teachers of SCMZU participated in the signing of Chapter Three “The Mainstay of War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression of the Whole Nation”. Everyone performed the musical program with professional standard and excitement, and deeply expressed the love towards the country and the Party.

Students and teachers from SCMZU are signing “Defending the Yellow River”. Photographer: Hu Rong

The College for Senior Citizens cooperated community to participate in the “music Party class”, which made the content of Party history learning richer, the form more lively, the effect more significant, and also broadened the thinking of SCMZU to use community resource to do well in the related work of College for Senior Citizens.

On May 18, Retirement Office organized more than 60 persons including core Party members, volunteers, and core members of the College for Senior Citizens and Association of Aged People to go to Hong’an to review revolutionary memories and enhance education of Party history. All members visited Revolutionary History Memorial Hall of Huangma Uprising and Hubei-Henan-Anhui Soviet Area, Old Site of Qiliping Changsheng Street, Old Site of the Red Fourth Front Army, Memorial Hall and Former Residence of Li Xiannian, in order to pay tribute to the deeds of revolutionary martyrs and review the Party Oath. Everyone expressed that the Party’s history is the most vivid and persuasive textbook. As retired Party member, they would like to keep their original revolutionary inspiration, follow the Party without any doubt for their whole life, and continue to make contributions.

(Editor: Feng Shanshan  Source: Retirement Office)

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