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Brilliant Revolutionary Classic Recital Contest as Gift to the 100th Anniversary of the Founding of the Party

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In order to present gift to the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Party, on the morning of May 13, the Revolutionary Classic Recital Contest was held in the north academy of Library, which was sponsored by southern documentation center branch of library, and organized by Retirement Office and SCMZU community neighborhood committee.

This Recital Contest was one of the series activities of library reading festival, and was also the community practice activity of southern documentation center branch to get down to the community level. SCMZU community, Retirement Office, Youth League Committee, and students and teachers of all Schools strongly supported and actively participated in the activity, wherein there were 47 works from 66 participants entered the contest.

The atmosphere of the contest was heated without any vacancy in Zelin Lecture Hall. A song of “Hexinlang - Parting with Friend” quickly aroused audience’s  emotions. The individual participants or participants in groups read beautiful poems and told touching stories, such as “Eulogy of Party Flag”, “Lovely China”, “I Love This Land”, and “Half of Belt” along with melodious music, and the impassioned cry expressed feelings in their heart. The revealing of sincere emotions and reading with affection incisively showed their love towards the Party and the country, winning applause from the whole audience.

Group photo of part of the teachers and students participating the activity. Photographer: Liao Xiang

There were two first prizes (three persons), four second prizes (five persons), seven third prizes (eight persons), 12 outstanding prizes (28 persons), and participating prizes for 22 persons. The recital work of “The General secretary is with Us” performed by Zhou Xiang, and Zhang Juan from the School of Law, and “Hexinlang - Parting with Friend” performed by Xiao Xiaoyu from Retirement Office won the first prizes.

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