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College of Life Science Visits Students’ Families to Promote School-Family Collaboration in Education

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In order to further strengthen the connection between school and families and improve the effect of ideological and political work amongst the students, the College of Life Science has organized a work group of visiting the homes of students. Led by the dean of the college Qin Rui, a delegation of four members has recently paid visits to the families of students in regions such as Qinghai and Tibet to focus on, care about and serve the students in an effort to build a “three-in-one” education model combining the school, society and family education, solidify the awareness of a community of Chinese nation and promote the implementation of collaborative education between school and families.

At places such as Xi’ning of Qinghai and Lhasa and Shigatse of Tibet, the delegation paid visits to the homes of students from various ethnic groups with the care and greeting of the school. The teachers had a face-to-face communication with the families and introduced the students’ learning, life and thoughts in the school, and had an in-depth knowledge of the financial status and growth environment, etc. of the families, and the family relations and labor performance of students, talking on family affection, study, employment, thoughts and difficulties.

Teachers of the college visit the family of students. Photo by Shen Ke

The College of Life Science has normalized the school-family collaborative education. In the summer holiday each year, teachers were organized to go to different sources of students to visit their families. At the end of each semester, the college sent a “Reporting Form of Student’s Performance in the School” and “A Letter to the Family of Student” to every family, detailing related information such as class spirit construction and construction of study style, reporting the students’ performance and learning in school and exploring the effective channels to promote the students’ overall development.

(Editor: Liu Hong  Source: College of Life Science)

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