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Institute of Innovation & Entrepreneurship Establishes Functional Party Branch for Discipline Competitions

author:Luo Hongtao, Liao Xiaomei Time:Aug 26, 2021 page views:

In order to promote the discipline competition during the summer holiday, give full play to the leading role of Party branch and the pioneering role of Party members, and encourage members of the math modelling competition group of SCMZU to seek a best performance, on July 21, 20 teacher and student Party members established a functional Party branch of SCMZU for the math modelling competition for university students of China and carried out related activities.

On the morning of August 24, Pan Zejiang, the director of the Experiment Teaching and Engineering Training Center and the dean of the Institute of Innovation & Entrepreneurship, gave a Party class for the Party branch with the title of “Carrying forward the Great Spirit of Party Building, Cultivating World-class Math Modelling Talents” via Tencent Conference. The Party class was presided over by Zhu Zhongxun, the deputy dean of the School of Mathematics & Statistics, which was attended by all coaches and students participating in the summer training class for the 2021 National Math Modelling Competition of University Students.

Pan gave a vivid class on the great spirit of Party building from four perspectives, namely “carrying forward the great spirit of Party building”, “concentrating a strong impetus for advancing in the new era”, “building a good functional Party branch for discipline competitions” and “cultivating world-class math modelling talents”. He stressed that we should absorb strength from the great spirit of Party building, carry on the revolutionary spirit. Under the leadership of the CPC Committee of SCMZU, we should promote the supply-side reform of innovation and entrepreneurship education with new paradigm, concept, model and content, explore a new path combining thinking, competition and profession with creativity, perfect the ecological system of innovation and entrepreneurship education and build SCMZU into a national highland for innovation and entrepreneurship education.

Pan suggested innovatively launching the Party building activities of the college. Through building a functional Party branch, they should fulfill the requirements that “Wherever there are Party members, a Party organization should be established”, “Where there’s demands for innovation and real training education of students, a Party organization should be established”. The leading and pioneering roles of teacher and student Party members and active applicants for Party membership should be brought into a full play, while the functional Party branch shall unleash its great energy in the areas of experiment training and teaching, discipline competition, and cultivation of innovative and entrepreneurial talents. He encouraged each participating team to carry forward the great spirit of Party building, confidence and persistence, teamwork spirit, as well as the innovative, striving and dedicated spirit, take actions actively to seek their best performance.

(Editor: Liu Hong Source: Experiment Teaching and Engineering Training Center,

Institute of Innovation & Entrepreneurship)

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