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“Jingchu Science Popularization Lecture Room” Program in Ethnic Museum of SCMZU

author:Li Lei, Lan Lidan Time:Jul 17, 2021 page views:

On the morning of July 16, the first stop of “Jingchu Science Popularization Lecture Room--Walk into the Science Popularization and Education Base of Hubei Province” was launched at the Ethnic Museum of SCMZU for over 50 parents and children.

At the exhibition hall, Lin Yihong, deputy curator of the Ethnic Museum, vividly explained the knowledge about ethnic minorities to the children with funny words and interactive presentation, and answered the various questions asked by the kids to allow them to fully perceive the cultural and scientific charm of ethnic minorities.

The children are visiting the exhibition hall. Photo by Lan Lidan

The children are experiencing tie-dye. Photo by Lan Lidan

After the visit, the children began to experience the characteristic scientific popularization classroom of the Ethnic Museum with a theme of “Passing on with Hands and Heart-- Traditional Tie-dye of Ethnic Minorities”. Jiang Xiaoyuan, a teacher from the Fine Arts School, introduced the tie-dye craftsmanship for the children from three aspects, namely its long history, the various dyes and the changeful techniques, and demonstrated the characteristics of plant dyes with two small experiments with logwood red and jasmine yellow at the site, giving a vivid scientific popularization class in simple words. Later, the children designed colorful patterns with their imagination and finished the various steps of tie-dye such as binding, desize, dye and washing with the aid of the teacher and volunteers, turning their fancies into a reality and experiencing the unique charm of tie-dye, a national intangible cultural heritage.

It was reported that the program was co-hosted by the Popularization Department of Hubei Provincial Association of Science and Technology, the Association of Science and Technology of Hongshan District, Wuhan and the members of the Scientific Popularization, Exhibition and Education Alliance of Hongshan, recorded by the Popularization Department of Hubei Provincial Association of Science and Technology at the site, and publicized online. It highlighted and exhibited the great progresses and prominent achievements and major patent fruits achieved in the implementation of the strategy of driving development with innovation led by the CPC Central Committee with Xi Jinping as its core since the 18th CPC National Congress.

(Editor: Liu Hong  Source: Ethnic Museum)

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