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Retired Comrades Visited Xiang Ying’s Hometown

author:Hu Rong, Wang Min Time:Oct 25, 2020 page views:

On October 21st, the Retirement Office organized key members of the university for the elderly and the Society on Aging, and key volunteers to provide Party history education in Jiangxia District, Xiang Ying's hometown, to recall the revolutionary martyrs and spread the revolutionary sprit.

With the guidance of the narrator, all the comrades visited the precious materials in Comrade Xiang Ying's Life Exhibition Hall, reviewed the glorious history of the Party, and recalled the life and great achievements of the martyrs. After the visit, all the comrades bowed to Comrade Xiang Ying’s Monument, and read out the oath of joining the Party again under the Party flag to show their respect and grief to the martyrs.

Party members reading out the oath of joining the Party. Photo by Wei Dong

Huang Ping, president of the Society on Aging, said that this educational activity would inspire the old comrades to fulfill their original mission, set a better example for others, make more contributions and carry forward positive spirit to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the university.

Later, all the comrades visited the Wuhan Future Home, a demonstration science and technology park for the integration of the three industries, and experienced the new modern agricultural model integrating high-tech agricultural planting, product research and development and "internet+", to have a deeper understanding of the great changes in the industries brought by the Rural Revitalization strategy.

(Editor: Liu Qiong   Source: Retirement Office)

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