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Ms. Li Ran Awarded "Good Man of Hongshan" in 2021

author:Wu Xiaohan, Lu Xinyuan Time:Jan 4, 2022 page views:

Recently, the Publicity Department of the Hongshan District Party Committee released the list of "Good People of Hongshan" in 2021. Ms. Li Ran, a teacher of the Youth League Committee of SCMZU, was awarded the honorary title of "Good People of Hongshan" in 2021 (dedication and devotion category).

Since 2006, Li Ran has worked in the Office of Teaching Affairs, School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, School of Music and Dance, and School Youth League Committee, and has participated in the celebration of the 70th anniversary of SCMZU, and the preparation for the 13th “Challenge Cup” competition in Hubei Province. As an instructor of the Pomegranate Seed Volunteer Team, she has been committed to establishing and improving the volunteer service system, carrying out volunteer service brand projects such as the National Unity in Community, the "Accompanying Program" and the "Pen Pals Care Program", and organizing young volunteers to actively participate in volunteer service activities and activities for national unity and progress, tell the stories of national unity and spread the excellent Chinese culture. In recent years, the Pomegranate Seed Volunteer Team has provided excellent service for the 7th Military World Games, participated in the volunteer service activities to fight against the Covid-19 epidemic, and carried out national unity service activities in more than 50 communities. The Volunteer Team has received nearly ten awards for its contribution, including "Four 100" Best Volunteer Service Organization in 2020, and Hubei Provincial May Fourth Youth Medal (collective). The Volunteer Team has cultivated nearly 30 national advanced individuals.

Since 2021, the Publicity Department of Hongshan District Party Committee has organized the 8th “Searching for Good People of Hongshan" activity across the district. This year, the selection of "Good People of Hongshan" adopts the mode of mass recommendation, industry recommendation, street and township recommendation, and media discovery, and sets up 6 categories of awards, including the “entrepreneurship and innovation” category, the “helping others” category, the “filial piety and love for the elderly” category, the “acting bravely for a just cause” category, the “honesty and trustworthiness” category and the “dedication and devotion” category. A total of 87 people (groups) received the award.

(Editor: Liu Qiong; Source: Youth League Committee)

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