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A Teacher from School of Management awarded honor of advanced individual

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On February 28th, the CPC Enshi Committee issued a document commending a group of advanced individuals who had made great contributions to the development of agriculture and rural areas in Enshi Prefecture. Ms. Zhang Yurong of the School of Management of SCMZU was awarded the honor of “advanced individual”.

In January, 2021, appointed by the State Ethnic Affairs Commission, Ms. Zhang Yurong began to serve as the deputy director of Bureau of Science, Technology and Economic Informatization in Hefeng County. In June of the same year, Zhang Yurong volunteered to serve as the first Party secretary of Gaofeng Village, Wuyang Township, and the “monitor” of the "Sharp Knife Class".

As the first Party secretary of Gaofeng Village, Zhang Yurong strictly abided by the relevant rules and regulations, had discussions with the cadres of the village, made friends with the masses and visited households to know more about the actual situation of the village. She discussed with the cadres of the village the way to develop the local economy, how to handle concrete affairs for the masses in a down-to-earth manner, how to spread the care from the Party to more people, and how to resolve disputes and bring cadres and the masses closer together. In 2021, the re-election of the two village committees was completed according to law, which promoted the building of village-level organizations and improved their capabilities.

To promote local industrial development, based on the realities of Gaofeng Village, Zhang Yurong invited professors from the School of Pharmacy of SCMZU and experts from Medicinal Materials Office of Changyang County and Forestry Bureau of Hefeng County to carry out investigation in the village, and offer suggestions on the industrial development of Chinese herbal medicines in the local area and the way to overcome technical difficulties. Finally, she helped to obtain the funds of CNY 150,000 for building a nursery base for rare Chinese herbal medicines at Wuling Mountain Area. Meanwhile, she also helped to obtain the financial support from the Forestry Bureau of the county for undergrowth planting project and the development of Chinese herbal medicines there. At present, the growing area of authentic medicinal materials in Gaofeng Village has reached more than 1,000 mu, which has increased the local villagers' income by more than CNY 2.3 million.

Zhang Yurong plays a leading role in achieving stable development, serving the masses, and promoting rural revitalization. She does not only lead the local villagers to become richer, but also provides care for them and solve disputes for them, which is highly rated by the local villagers, and the township-level and country-level CPC committees. He was elected as a representative of the 19th Hefeng County People's Congress, and her deeds were reported by Hefeng County Media Center, Online Hefeng, Hefeng TV Station, Enshi Daily, Enshi TV Station,, etc. A report about her on has been read by 2.362 million person/time. She was rated as one of "the most beautiful people in Hefeng" in 2021.

Editor: Liu Qiong; Source: School of Management

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