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Publicity Campaigns of National Security Education Launched

author:Wang Wenran, Xu Yang Time:Apr 20, 2022 page views:

On April 15th, display panels on security education in the Student Center square attracted many students. Students from the Security Publicity Committee handed out booklets of national security education and organized knowledge quiz. It was one of the online and offline publicity campaigns of the 7th National Security Education Day.

All these publicity campaigns with the theme of “pursuing a holistic approach to national security, knowing about the achievement of national security in the new era and paving the way for a successful 20th National Party Congress”, aim at leading teachers and students to better understand and practice the holistic approach to national security.

All Party members and active applicants for Party membership of  the Security Office were sent to the communities to publicize the knowledge of national security education, to introduce consequences of endangering behaviors and raise awareness on personal property safety and national security. “It is obvious that increasing attentions are paid to national security education, especially after a holistic approach to national security was proposed by President Xi. The national security has already been a part of people’s daily life. Security of people can only be guaranteed by their national security. Therefore, it is everyone’s obligation to develop awareness for national security,” a Security Office official said.

Apart from these all-round offline ones above, other approaches of publicity were also carried out. Slide pictures in SCMZU homepage, radio programs and the SCMZU official Wechat platform were all used to publicize knowledge of security education and the theme of “Ten Principles” and “Five Overall Plannings” in National Security. Students took part in the competition of “Telling Stories of National Security” with videos about national security made by themselves. At the same time, videos concentrating on security knowledge, such as national security, campus safety, fire safety, traffic safety, telecom and cyber fraud, and epidemic prevention and control were released. Online knowledge quizzes were launched in which backgrounds, establishment dates and provisions of National Security Education Day theme were tested.

A sophomore from School of Literature, Journalism & Communication said, “Each year, I can learn a lot on the National Security Education Day. This year, it is the counterintelligence part interests me most. It is so hard for college students to get away from various frauds. I took part in the knowledge quiz but only to find that there is a lot for me to learn.”

Ever since the beginning of the spring semester, SCMZU has prioritize national security education and campus security. Under the circumstance of the regular epidemic prevention and control, students on campus were organized to take the security mini lectures in order to fight with frauds of various kinds.In the meantime, measures were taken to safeguard national interests and campus safety by emphasizing college political security, campus security, fire and traffic safety management.

Edited: Liu Qiong; Source: Securiy Office

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