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2022 SCMZU entrepreneurship training camp for “Internet Plus” competition opens

author:Han Wensi Time:May 10, 2022 page views:

2022 SCMZU entrepreneurship training camp for the “Internet Plus” Competition was held to prepare for the 8th China International College Students’ “Internet Plus” Innovation and Entrepreneurship competition, to elicit students’ enthusiasm for innovation and entrepreneurship and to provide students with better learning and practice opportunities.

On the afternoon of May 4, the training camp opened in No.16 Teaching Building. Gao Zejin, chairman of Wuhan Huajian Technology Co., Ltd., and Pan Zejiang, dean of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Institute, attended the opening ceremony.

At the opening ceremony, Pan gave a lecture on how college students can better start up their own business. He stressed the importance of entrepreneurship, hoping that students could promote their abilities in this respect through improvement of abilities in learning, execution and thinking.

The training camp provides lectures both online and offline every Thursday afternoon in May. After the opening ceremony, Gao delivered a lecture on the “Internet Plus” competition to the participants, including evaluation criteria, topic selection, research, product design, business model, etc.

In the Q&A session, Gao analyzed the research point of the participants’ projects, guiding them to find out problems and solve them in time. The lecture was lively with active participation of all the trainees.

Participants interacted with Gao Zejin.   Photo by Han Wensi

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