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SCMZU Was Invited as the Public Judge Panel of CCTV “Avenue of Stars”

author:Nadira Ablikim;Han Anzhi Time:Sep 19, 2022 page views:

On the evening of September 15, invited to be the online public judges by the TV show, students and teachers of SCMZU took part in the cloud judging, voting and recording of the final of the 2022 winter season of CCTV “Avenue of Stars”.

The program was recorded virtually due to the pandemic. With the coordination of the Publicity Department of Party Committee, and technical support of Modern Education Technology Center, a total of 29 teachers and students from different schools, including ethnic opera and musical research team, led by Professor Liu Hui from the School of Music and Dance, participated in the program recording.

SCMZU invited as the public judge panel of CCTV “Avenue of Stars”.

Photo provided by Lan Yongli

Students and teachers showed vigorousness of SCMZU to the hosts, judges, guests and contestants of the show. The humorous and light-hearted interaction between the host Nigemaiti and the students and teachers of various ethnic groups, including Tujia, Uyghur and Mongolian, got resounding rounds of applause. Instead of wearing them out, the four-hour-long recording served as an immersive art class for the judges from SCMZU.

After watching each contestant’s performance, judges from SCMZU witnessed the glorious moment of the 2022 winter season of “Avenue of Stars” by casting their votes. Everyone was enchanted by Peking Opera and Mongolian throat singing art.

“Staff and students in SCMZU cooperated a lot with CCTV and impressed them deeply by participating in Spring Festival Gala performance, recording TV programs, etc.”, Professor Liu Hui introduced.

“It was so exciting and was like going back home to enjoy and appreciate the prairie folk songs and horse-head fiddle performance by the Mongolian couple. If I have a chance, I would like to participate in the program to spread the voice of Inner Mongolia”, Hu Jiapeng from Tongliao, Inner Mongolia, an undergraduate student of the School of Music and Dance, said with a beaming smile.

Teachers and students exchanged their thoughts after the program recording. Yang Can, an undergraduate student majoring in Chinese International Education from the School of Literature, said she was amazed at the charm of the program for its interesting and novel design, which made it an unforgettable experience. Zhou Shengyin, a student from the School of Chemistry and Materials Science, said that through this recording, he caught a glimpse of the inheritance and innovation of Peking Opera by the young generation, who unfolded the liveliness and loveliness of Peking Opera.

It is reported that it wasn’t the first time for our students and teachers to be invited to CCTV. Not only did they participate in the recording of such cultural programs as “Chinese Folk Songs”, “Sing Every Day” and “May Flowers”, but also in the CCTV Spring Festival Gala and CCTV Mid-Autumn Festival Gala program.

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