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Celebrate the National Day and Embrace the 20th CPC National Congress: Kindergarten Affiliated to SCMZU Launched a Series of Activities

author:Xia Xiaohua Time:Oct 4, 2022 page views:

To celebrate the 73rd anniversary of the founding of PRC and welcome the 20th CPC National Congress, the affiliated kindergarten of SCMZU carried out a series of themed activities to deepen children’s understandings of the National Day, with content including the introduction of its origin, national flag, national emblem and national anthem, etc.

Since the week before the National Day, teachers and children have been planning patriotic education activities with different subjects. On the playground, children in red T-shirt sang patriotic songs together. Upon finishing the song Great Land, they saluted the flag with clear and bright eyes firmly fixed on it.

Patriotic songs performance. Photo provided by Wang Shasha

Dressed as peasants in the revolutionary era and tied with white turbans, children hid in rollers, behind the fence or under the table, imitating a scene of the guerrilla war. Dressed in various ethnic costumes, children in another class gathered and waved red flags in their hands. Some were making flags with red and yellow pigment; some stuck the map of China with fallen autumn leaves; some drew Chinese science stories on the map; and some made Beijing Tiananmen Square and flag-raising platform with ultra-light clay.

Children’s painting. Photo provided by Li Sijie

            Children express love to the motherland by “hand heart”.

Photo provided by Qin Yang

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