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The School of International Education Embraced the 20th CPC National Congress with a Series of Activities

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In the afternoon of October 14, the School of International Education organized a series of activities such as themed lectures, watching film of Beginning of the Great Revival and view exchanges, etc. to tell China’s stories toward foreign teachers and students.

With the theme of “100 Years of CPC”, Teng Shuai, an associate professor from the School of Marxism, introduced the main events and figures, major achievements and historical significance of the CPC over historical periods to deepen their understanding of CPC and PRC. The film Beginning of the Great Revival impressively presented the historical background of the birth of CPC. Xi Wen, a student from Kazakhstan, said that through this event, she acquired a deeper understanding of the history of CPC and PRC, which aroused a better appreciation toward China’s rapid development.

Over a long time, a great amount o

f activities have been held by the School of International Education to present a real, three-dimensional and comprehensive China to foreign teachers and students. The director said that the school will keep pulling out all the stops to cultivate  international talents and telling them China’s stories.

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