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SCMZU Held the 2022 Autumn Employment Recruitment Corridor Event

author:​Zhong Wenyong, Wulingxiao Time:Nov 10, 2022 page views:

To minimize the impact of pandemic on employment, SCMZU held a series of employment recruitment corridor events from November 8 to 17, coordinated the pandemic prevention with campus recruitment activities.

The events provided a platform for graduates to deliver résumés accurately based on the enterprise information. Based on résumé screening, the employers will contact graduates one-on-one for interview, thus realizing an efficient docking of job search and recruitment.

Students check the company information. Photo provided by the Enrollment and Employment Office

The corridor is mainly composed of 3 modules: enterprises introduction, posts and professional requirements, and QR code delivery, with real-time update of job information. Up to now, a total of 361 employment positions in 80 companies have been posted in the corridor, involving 2,586 demand plans in various industries such as administration, finance, human resources, electronic information, bioengineering and pharmaceutical industry. Liu, a student from the School of Literature, Journalism and Communication, said, "this recruitment corridor is quite novel and it enables me to look for a position on the way to the library. I have delivered a résumé and I hope I could get a job successfully."

The Enrollment and Employment Officer said that, SCMZU has mobilized resources to carry out online recruitment activities since October, with five mutual selection events and daily online lectures are on the way. The autumn employment recruitment corridor is a new model to propel accurate job hunt and recruitment, which not only provides sufficient and diversified job information for graduates, but also saves cost and improves efficiency for enterprises. In the next step, SCMZU will concentrate on providing information of high-quality units and improving employment guidance service so as to promote smooth employment of graduates.

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