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Retired Professor He Lianhua Donated Books and Periodicals to SCMZU Library

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On November 24, Prof. He Lianhua, a retired teacher of the School of Literature of SCMZU, who is also the former Vice President of Hubei Mao Zedong Poetry Research Association, donated more than 500 volumes of professional books and periodicals to SCMZU library. Xie Shoumei, Deputy Director of the library, accepted the donation on behalf of the library and issued a donation certificate to Prof. He.

Professor He, 84 years old this year, has been engaged for a long time in research and teaching of Chinese modern and contemporary literature, Chinese minority literature and Mao Zedong’s poetry before his retirement. He is a well-known scholar in the field of Mao Zedong’s poetry research. Not only has he written a great amount of monographs, but also collected a large number of related professional literature. To share his treasure with teachers and students, Professor He contacted the library for donation and personally completed the inventorying and packing of books.

Professor He introduced his collection. Photo provided by Dong Kun

Professor He introduced his collection of books and journals to Xie Shoumei,  including their academic value. On behalf of the library, Xie expressed his gratitude and guaranteed that the library would make good use of the books, so that the students  could deeply feel the noble ethics and profound academic attainments of retired teachers.

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