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Four SCMZUers from “Youth Global Competence Program” Participated in the Field Exchange Project of the UN Organizations Stationed in China

author:Yu Hao;Liao Jiayin Time:Feb 16, 2023 page views:

From February 5 to 11, the field exchange program of the United Nations organizations in China kicked off, which was sponsored by the China Education Association for International Exchange under the Ministry of Education. 40 outstanding youths nationwide participated in the program, including 4 from SCMZU. They are Zhou Xuan from the School of Public Policy and Management, Yu Hao from the School of Chemical Materials, Ding Jiaxin from the School of Foreign Languages and Cheng Xinhui from the School of Economics.

Group photo provided by the School of Public Policy and Management

“Youth Global Competence Program” is a youth quality and competence training program established by China Education Association for International Exchange (CEAIE), with 59 universities nationwide selected, including SCMZU. As an extension of the training work, the field exchange program aimed at deepening the participants’ understanding of international organizations through cooperation with the representative offices of the UN agencies in China (Beijing), that was able to lay a solid foundation for their future participation in global governance and work in international organizations. During the 7-day exchange program conducted in a field study training mode, the participants were fully engaged in the training activities, including lectures by experts, interactive seminars, observation and learning, fieldwork and mock interviews, under the guidance of officials, experts, mentors, academic advisors and staff of the United Nations Office in China.

Group photo provided by the School of Public Policy and Management

During the exchange, the students visited UNICEF, UNDP, UNV and other agencies in China, where they had interactive exchanges with the UN representatives, agency officials and outstanding interns after their project introduction. The heads of UNICEF Information Office, Tsinghua University Youth Moral Education Research Center, National Climate Strategy Center, National Center for Women and Children and other related experts gave lectures on various topics, covering “Forms of Youth Development” “Dual Carbon Strategy and Green Development” “Youth Mental Health” “Career Planning”, etc.. In the sharing salon, UN representatives in China brought the participants a better understanding of their work, functions, project activities, personnel selection, job requirements, and other aspects. Fully involved in the event, the participants brainstormed for more solutions on related topics.

David, Chairman of the Royal Society of Chemistry Beijing Branch and Distinguished Professor of Beijing University of Chemical Technology, gave a lecture on the topic of cross-cultural communication and exchange, with an analysis of the current cultural differences or cultural conflicts between countries, and different cultural phenomena and customs. He also provided solutions to corresponding problems.

SCMZU students manifested a good spirit during the activity. Having seen a good harvest through the research, they not only broadened international vision and improved comprehensive quality, but also refreshed themselves for their study and work.

Edited by Liu Qiong  Reviewed by Pan Wenjun

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