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Retired Teacher Wei Ruifeng Donated to SCMZU Library

author:Xu Peng Time:Mar 15, 2023 page views:

At the end of 2022, retired teacher Wei Ruifeng, who is also the former editorial director of the Journal of SCMZU, donated all the materials that he had collected and compiled throughout his life to the university library, including material cards, manuscripts and work notes. On March 10th, after being sorted and classified, all the materials were stored in the SCMZU Library.

The donated materials from Wei Ruifeng included material cards, academic materials, work notes, and written manuscripts. Among them, the material cards covered newspaper clippings from various disciplines including politics, economics, sociology, astronomy, and geography, etc. The academic materials included book index and female script, and the work notes covered the records of school regulations, academic affairs, teaching, financial work and many other fields from 1984 to 2003. The written manuscripts covers all the works of him. In general, the entire set of materials included 166 volumes with 140.45 million words. Xie Shoumei, the deputy director of SCMZU library together with the staff of the Literary and Historical Documents Center of Southern Minority went to Mr. Wei’s home to collect the donation and expressed their gratitude.

Donation of manuscripts and material cards from scholars is an important way to enrich the special collection resources. The Literary and Historical Documents Center of Southern Minority of SCMZU library is committed to the development and construction of special collection resources, which has already received thousands of documents including books, manuscripts, and cards donated by scholars both inside and outside the campus. In the future, it will continue to keep in touch with experts and scholars to expand donating channels.

Edited by Liu Qiong;Reviewed by Pan Wenjun

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