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“Campus 5G Data Card” Project Launched

author:Yu Peng Time:Mar 16, 2023 page views:

SCMZU has promoted strategic cooperation with network operators in the “5G + Smart Campus” initiative actively, with the aim of thoroughly implementing the deployment regarding 5G network construction and effectively solving common problems faced by teachers and students, such as the poor signal and insufficient data quota. In early March, the “Campus 5G Data Card” project was launched, which marked the application of the campus 5G network project.

In 2022, the Modern Educational Technology Center (METC), together with the three network operators including Telecom, Mobile, and Unicom, jointly undertook the research and development of the campus 5G network. Based on 5G mobile communication networks and edge computing technology, this network adopts the shared VPDN UPF private line and provides tailored 5G network service for students and teachers. It enables the users to access various resources on campus quickly and safely at any time anywhere in China. Meanwhile, the school actively organized network operators to strengthen the full coverage of signal in teaching areas, residential district, and public areas inside the buildings. They will continue to optimize and improve the outdoor 5G macro sites, further consolidate the infrastructure of the smart campus and develop the school’s digital service system.

At the beginning of this semester, METC, cooperating with the Labor Union of SCMZU, launched the project after in-depth research, extensive solicitation of opinions, and sufficient preparation. Since March, METC has organized network operators to conduct the application for 2260 union members.

The project is an exclusive 5G service provided by China Unicom within the campus, which provides not only affordable and abundant data packages, but also customized 5G network services for teachers and students. It can be accessed through 5G terminals while allowing users to access various resources on campus safely. Furthermore, the network operators have customized 5G campus data packages with discount for students of SCMZU, which can be applied in the service halls on campus.

It is reported that the application of the campus 5G network project marks that SCMZU has ushered in the 5G era and the smart campus construction has entered a new stage. It lays a solid foundation for the school to build a unified and convenient modern service system during the “14th Five-year Plan” period. Moreover, the project also provides a solid guarantee for further driving the digital transformation, intelligent upgrading, and integrated innovation of the school’s governance.

Edited by Liu Qiong;Reviewed by Pan Wenjun

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