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School of International Education of SCMZU Organized Activities For International Students Themed “Experiencing China: Exploration of the Beautiful Tea Country”

author:Shao Xiaoming & Li Xiaochen Time:Apr 12, 2023 page views:

In order to present a true, multi-dimensional and panoramic view of China to the foreign students, students of the School of International Education was organized to go to Xuan’en County, Enshi Prefecture to carry out activities themed “Experiencing China: Exploration of the Beautiful Tea Country”. 37 international students from 16 countries including Pakistan, Russia, Germany, South Korea, Mexico, Sudan and Vietnam participated in the activities.

They visited the cultural relics exhibition hall and cultural landscape in Xuan’en County, through which they have got a comprehensive understanding of local customs, folklore, history and culture. In Wanzhai Village, students took part in the picking of Wujiatai tribute tea and handmade processing of tea leaves, and deeply experienced Chinese traditional tea processing techniques and related customs under the guidance of local intangible heritage inheritors.

The international students also visited Xiangjia Village Modern Agricultural Park with great interest, and learned how the village transformed from destitution to an advanced one with strong organization, prosperous industry, beautiful environment and rich villagers through rural revitalization and industrial development. In addition, they carried out the exchange activities of “Telling new scenes of tea country and sharing youth friendship” with the high school students in Farming Culture Research Center of Xiangjia Village. Being hospitable, young students of all ethnic groups in the local area took the initiative to pair up with international students, met friends with tea and had in-depth interactions. At the bonfire party, Chinese and international students enjoyed the traditional lion dance performance, Tujia eight treasures bronze bell dance, Tujia hand waving dance, and performed popular Chinese songs such as “The Moon Represents My Heart” and “Chengdu”.

International students visited Modern Agricultural Industrial Park of Xiangjia Village.

Photo provided by Wang Fajun.

According to the head of the School, this activity aims to provide international students with opportunities to deeply appreciate the charm of fine traditional Chinese culture and personally feel the achievements of China’s rural revitalization by walking into the beautiful home created by Chinese people of all ethnic groups. Li Wei, an international student from Sudan, said that he not only experienced the fun of picking and processing tea, but also felt the art of Chinese tea culture. He also said Chinese green tea can also be drunk in Sudan since  Chinese tea exports to Belt and Road countries. Jiao Zhen, an international student from Vietnam, said she not only got close contact with Chinese culture in Xuan’en County and Wanzhai Village, but also learned about local culture and customs, and felt the enthusiasm of local people for foreign friends. She would tell her friends and family about the beautiful scenery and good life that she has witnessed in the local area.

Experience tea processing.

Photo provided by Wang Fajun.

Cultural exchange is an important carrier for the world to know China. The School of International Education will carry out a series of activities so that international students can have an in-depth experience of China, telling them China’s stories and spreading China’s voices.

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