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SCMU Hosts Large-Scale Autumn Recruitment Fair for 2024 Graduates

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On the afternoon of October 11th, SCMU held the second session of its 2024 Graduates Autumn Recruitment Fair at the Sports Hall Plaza. Organized by the Admissions and Employment Office and co-hosted by and, the event welcomed 154 enterprises, including central and state-owned enterprises, offering more than 800 job positions.

The fair featured three distinct zones: an enterprise alumni showcase, a resume guidance area, and a recruitment exchange area. A representative from the Admissions and Employment Office highlighted the first-time addition of the enterprise alumni showcase, stating, “Alumni are crucial in linking enterprises with the university. We’ve selected outstanding alumni based on recent employment data to serve as role models and inspire current students”. In preparation, the office conducted a survey to understand the enterprises’ intentions and provided booths for those interested in campus recruitment, thereby facilitating a platform for communication between employers and graduates.

Students actively engaged with company representatives, carrying their resumes and discussing employment opportunities. At the “Resumé Clinic” at the entrance, experts like Huang Xia, a resume guidance expert from Zhongjian Yipin Property Company, offered in-depth reviews. She shared her observations, “Many resumes lack clear job objectives and contain excessive personal history. It’s crucial for applicants to align their resumes with their career prospects, quantify their achievements, and comprehensively showcase their strengths”.

At the recruitment fair  Photo provided by Fang Wenjie

Mi Le, a student from the 2001 Software Engineering class at the Computer Science College, spent time at the Kingsoft Software Group’s booth. He expressed his aspirations, “I’m looking for a short-term internship opportunity. Though I’ve secured a postgraduate position, I want to enrich my experience before graduating”. Xu Xia, the recruitment manager of the group, emphasized the importance of matching applicants with positions, noting, “We seek well-organized resumes and applicants with clear objectives, as this facilitates high-quality talent matching with outstanding enterprises”.

Chen Qian, from the 2005 Chinese Language and Literature class at the College of Literature, Journalism and Communication, alongside with her friends, submitting resumes to companies offering administrative positions. She shared her approach, “Despite preparing for the civil service exam, I’m open to exploring more opportunities. I prefer companies offering onboarding training for a smoother transition into corporate work”.

The recruitment fair was a success, receiving 3174 resumes and resulting in 212 on-site intention-to-sign contracts. The head of the Admissions and Employment Office outlined the next steps that SCMU will continue to tailor recruitment activities based on enterprise needs and the employment of each college, creating a high-quality employment platform, promoting the integration of industry, education, and research, and fully supporting the employment of the 2024 graduates.

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