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SCMU Hosts Inaugural Graduate Showcase Competition

author:Shi Jin, Zhu Bingqi Time:Nov 16, 2023 page views:

On the morning of November 11th, SCMU’s Academic Exchange Center buzzed with excitement as it hosted the inaugural Graduate Showcase Competition. Spearheaded by the SCMU Youth League Committee, Student Affairs Department of the Party Committee, Graduate School, and the Institute for Scientific Research and Development, the event was co-organized by the University Graduate Student Union along with eight graduate student unions from various schools. The organizers, who also served as judges, were present to witness the vibrant displays of talent.

Since its kickoff in early October, the event has captivated the university’s graduate community, drawing over 100 teams and in excess of 1,000 participants. The competition, initially conducted at the school level and then elevated to the university level, culminated with 15 teams battling it out in the finals.

The final round featured an eclectic mix of presentations from theoretical discourse and experimental demonstrations to live scenario enactments. The teams tackled a diverse array of subjects, ranging from current trending topics to deep philosophical and anthropological musings, along with explorations in chemistry and biology. The presentations were not just confined to their respective fields but also demonstrated an impressive integration of interdisciplinary elements. Teams also leveraged artistic displays and musical performances to narrate Chinese tales and project China’s voice to the world.

The competing teams conduct live experimental demonstrations.

Photographed by Tian Peiman

The competing teams perform live demonstrations of professional skills.

Photographed by Zhu Bingqi

The event concluded with the announcement of the winners—one first prize, two second prizes, three third prizes, and three excellence awards. Notably, team from the School of Marxism  clinched the top spot with their play “The Hidden Mystery of Anti-Butterfly”. Team from the School of Education with their “Science Magic Show”, and team from the School of Music and Dance with their “Dance of Ethnicities” showcase bagged the second prizes. The winning teams were felicitated by the leaders present.

Zhang En, Deputy Dean of the Graduate School, offered insightful remarks on the competition. He commended the remarkable performances of the 15 finalist teams, highlighting how the event showcased the professional prowess and research acumen of SCMU’s graduate students—a testament to the university’s commitment to elevating graduate education standards. He expressed aspirations for the competition to act as a springboard for nurturing academic excellence, fostering a campus-wide culture of professional skill development and expertise, and propelling forward the quality of graduate education at SCMU.

Edited by Liu Qiong,  Reviewed by Lei Changsheng

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