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SCMU’s Affiliated Kindergarten Shines with a Delightful Fun-Filled Sports Day

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Rooted in a rich history and cultural heritage, folk traditional games not only embody a deep cultural soft power but also play a pivotal role in fostering the physical and mental well-being of children. On November 22-23, SCMU’s affiliated kindergarten embraced this ethos with their “Enjoying Folk Games, Cherishing a Happy Childhood” themed Fun Sports Day. The event was designed to nurture a sense of unity, determination, and collaborative success among the children, immersing them in the enchanting world of traditional folk games.

The day kicked off with a spirited opening ceremony where each class, arrayed in neat formations, paraded out, their faces alight with excitement. As they approached the audience, the children boldly proclaimed their class mottos, a testament to their confidence and fighting spirit.

With all teams in place, the sports day unfolded in earnest. The senior and middle kindergarten groups captivated the audience with stunning martial arts and flag-waving performances, earning enthusiastic applause. Parents, gathered outside the kindergarten, cheered on their little ones, capturing these moments of growth.

Martial Arts Gymnastics. Photographed by Wang Zeguang

Archery Competition. Photographed by Wang Zeguang

The day’s agenda included both individual and team events, with children from the senior and middle groups participating. Tailoring to different age groups, the teachers had organized a variety of competitive events. The first day was dominated by the senior class, with standout performances in rope jumping and archery, where individual champions emerged by slim margins. In team competitions, the “Ball Kicking Relay” brimmed with excitement, putting the children’s coordination and teamwork to the test. As the whistle blew, the relay race escalated to a thrilling climax, culminating in a perfect final shot that secured the gold cup for the children of Class 1.

Brave the Single-Plank Bridge. Photographed by Wang Zeguang

The following day, it was the middle class children’s turn to take center stage. The “Balancing Bowls” event showcased their extraordinary patience and precision, skillfully balancing dexterity with wit. The “Hit the Target” and “Wood Shooting” competitions ran concurrently, with each class displaying their best, reveling in the joy of competition. The team events were just as exhilarating. A quick-witted girl from Class 3 clinched the gold cup for her class in the “Musical Chairs” competition, while Class 2’s impeccable unity and teamwork earned them the top spot in the “Torch Relay Race”.

Catch Me If You Can. Photographed by Wang Zeguang

Though the games had their winners and losers, the true delight lay in the playful spirit of childhood. The children immersed themselves in the activities, sharing laughs and playful moments with their peers, vying for the lead on the track, and later recounting their fun experiences to their parents. After two eventful days, Principal Li Meiju proudly presented medals and trophies to the winning children and classes.

Edited by Liu Qiong,  Reviewed by Lei Changsheng

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