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SCMU and Local Chamber of Commerce Collaborate to Host New Year Shopping Carnival

author:Zhang Yizhuo Time:Dec 29, 2023 page views:

In an effort to enhance community convenience and services, the SCMU, in collaboration with various local departments and organizations, successfully organized the “Unity and Collaboration, Building Happiness Together” New Year’s shopping festival on the morning of December 28th. This initiative was in line with the service goals set by the Hongshan District Committee and District Government.

The festival, held at the heart of the community, featured an array of engaging activities designed to cater to the residents’ needs and interests. At the entrance, residents were welcomed with interactive trivia games, where correctly answering questions on themes like core values and national unity earned them charming gifts. This not only entertained but also educated the participants in a light-hearted manner.

Trivia Quiz. Photographed by Zhang Yizhuo

More than ten enterprise booths formed a welfare market, offering a variety of services including free food tasting, medical consultations, household cleaning advice, and convenient access to various life services. Practical on-site services like small appliance repairs, shoe repairs, and haircuts were particularly popular, providing residents with a comprehensive, doorstep service experience. Adding a cultural touch, retired teachers contributed by writing couplets and distributing “Fortune” characters, infusing the event with traditional New Year blessings.

Haircut Services.  Photographed by Zhang Yizhuo

Live Spring Couplets Writing.  Photographed by Zhang Yizhuo

The culinary delights, featuring traditional New Year treats like meatballs, chicken soup, dumplings, and braised dishes, were a hit among the attendees. Additionally, a special booth showcased Enshi’s unique delicacies, including cured meat and fish, peach slice cake, and selenium-rich rattan tea, all sourced from the Enshi mountains. This not only delighted the taste buds but also aimed to broaden the popularity of Enshi’s specialty products.

Free Chicken Soup Tasting. Photographed by Zhang Yizhuo

The “Chamber of Commerce Direct Access” format of the event proved to be an effective approach, enabling residents to enjoy a one-stop shopping experience right in their community. It facilitated positive interactions between residents and local enterprises, offering businesses a valuable platform for visibility and promotion. More importantly, it aligned enterprise services with the community’s needs, marking a significant step towards creating a high-quality, convenient, and comfortable living environment, thereby enhancing the residents’ sense of happiness and satisfaction.

Edited by Liu Qiong, Reviewed by Lei Changsheng

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