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SCMU’s Affiliated Kindergarten Rings in the New Year with a Festive Dragon-Themed Celebration

author:Wang Zeguang;Liu Jing Time:Jan 2, 2024 page views:

In anticipation of the New Year and with a commitment to deepening children’s appreciation for traditional customs and the distinctive charm of China’s “Dragon” culture, the Affiliated Kindergarten at SCMU hosted a vibrant New Year celebration. Themed “Unity Among All Ethnicities’ Children in Joyful Welcoming of the New Year — Embracing the Golden Dragon with Delight”, the event took place on December 29, 2023.

  Touching the “Dragons and Lions”. Photographed by Wang Zeguang

The celebration was a special nod to the upcoming Year of the Dragon, a zodiac sign that holds a unique place in the hearts of the Chinese people, symbolizing both cultural heritage and emotional significance. The kindergarten’s initiative aimed to spotlight traditional dragon culture, enriching the children’s cultural experience. The highlight of the event was a spectacular dragon and lion dance performance, showcasing the richness of these folk arts and their deep cultural and ethnic significance. The engaging performance elicited expressions of wonder and admiration from the young audience, who were captivated by the skill and majesty of the dancers. Following the performance, the children had the opportunity to interact closely with the performers, gaining a deeper understanding of the cultural art form and even posing for memorable photos with the “dragons and lions”.

Additionally, the kindergarten’s multi-functional hall was the setting for an array of traditional cultural and arts activities, including a “Dragon Palace Treasure Hunt”, a woodblock printing workshop for creating New Year pictures, and a session on the intangible cultural heritage of paper folding art. These activities provided a rich tapestry of traditional cultural experiences for children of different ages. The paper folding art, in particular, demonstrated the versatility and creativity inherent in this folk craft, while the “Full Pockets” activity allowed children to craft their own red envelopes, thereby learning about the cultural significance of this Chinese New Year tradition and engaging their creativity.

Writing the “Fu” Character. Photographed by Wang Zeguang

Watching the Paper Folding Art Process. Photographed by Wang Zeguang

Principal Li Meiju reflected on the success of the garden party, noting that it offered children a joyful transition into the New Year while immersing them in the beauty of China’s outstanding traditional culture.

Edited by Liu Qiong, Reviewed by Lei Changsheng

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