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The School of Music and Dance Triumphs on CCTV’s “Happy Chinese New Year— I Want to Perform at the Spring Festival Gala”

author:Jiang Yifan;Zhang Yuyingni Time:Jan 30, 2024 page views:

Once again, the talented faculty and students from SCMU’s School of Music and Dance took to the CCTV stage, a familiar arena where they have shone brightly five times before. On the evening of January 27th, their latest endeavor, “Frogman”, choreographed by the esteemed teacher Chen Xiaopeng, captivated audiences nationwide on CCTV’s special segment “Happy Chinese New Year— I Want to Perform at the Spring Festival Gala”.

The performance “Frogman” brings to life the valor and mystery of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Navy’s elite “amphibious frogmen” unit. Transitioning from the serene surface to the perilous depths below, they glide through the water with ease, their presence as enigmatic as phantoms. Esteemed as “sea dragons beneath the waves, hunters on the land”, these warriors engage closely with adversaries, showcasing their invincibility.

Following an invitation from CCTV on November 8th, 2023, Chen Xiaopeng, backed by SCMU, meticulously selected 20 students for this project, embarking on a rigorous rehearsal schedule spanning about two weeks. Every participant valued this prestigious opportunity, investing all available time into perfecting their craft, undeterred by academic pressures or physical fatigue. Their collective aim was to deliver an exceptional performance that would do the School of Music and Dance proud.

Broadcast of the Program. Screenshot from the Internet

On November 27th, the group, armed with their costumes and props, journeyed to Beijing for the live recording. Confronted with the grandeur of the CCTV stage for the first time, the students were initially overwhelmed, apprehensive about their performance on such a monumental platform. The unfamiliar, slippery stage presented an initial challenge, heightening fears of errors that could potentially disappoint. Nevertheless, through persistent practice, they overcame their nerves, focusing solely on their dance, pushing aside all distractions to ensure a flawless execution.

Faculty and students take a photo after the recording

Photo provided by the School of Music and Dance

Their efforts culminated in the successful recording of “Frogman”, which was met with acclaim on the “Happy Chinese New Year— I Want to Perform at the Spring Festival Gala” stage, offering viewers a glimpse into the enigmatic world of underwater warriors. Chen Xiaopeng reflected on the journey, stating, “The unity and collective determination of the school and the students were the driving forces behind the remarkable presentation of ‘Frogman’ on CCTV’s stage”.

Edited by Lei Changsheng;Reviewed by Gui Sunlai

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