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SCMU Hosts Spring Job Fair for 2024 Graduates of Key Universities in Wuhan

author:Huang Jing, Deng Baoyi, Shan Yufan Time:Mar 26, 2024 page views:

On the afternoon of March 7th, the Spring Job Fair for 2024 Graduates of Key Universities in Wuhan was held at the SCMU Gymnasium Square. The job fair was hosted by the SCMU Student Recruitment and Employment Office and organized by Bo Le Campus Recruitment.

Scene of the Recruitment.

Photo Provided by the Recruitment and Employment Office

The scene was bustling with crowds and brimming with excitement. The fair featured three designated areas: a registration and service desk, a resume guidance zone, and a recruitment exchange area. Students shuttled between booths, clutching their resumes and stopping at companies of interest to communicate face-to-face with business representatives. The resume guidance zone was highly popular, with students queuing up to seek instructors’ advice on resolving resume issues. Yu Shiyun, Manager of the Suning Appliance Group’s Wuhan Regional Management Center, commented, “Students’ resumes generally lack structure and fail to highlight personal strengths. When job hunting, students should tailor their resumes to specific positions, emphasizing relevant experiences and skills. For different job applications, they should adjust and refine their resumes to ensure alignment with the job descriptions and requirements, thus increasing their chances of success.”

Long Queue in front of the Resume Guidance Desk.

Photo Provided by the Recruitment and Employment Office

The Zhuhai Jie Li Technology Co., Ltd. attracted many students to their booth. Zhou Chi, from the 2101 class of Economic Statistics at the School of Economics, said he was undecided between further studies or employment but wanted to know more about the job market. He noted finding many positions relevant to his major there, which strengthened his confidence in employment prospects. Ran Qixu, the company’s recruitment manager, stated that as a technology company, they valued students’ practical experience and strong foundations in professional knowledge.

Kong Weixue, from the 2003 class of Visual Communication at the School of Fine Arts, shared that every spring job fair had been helpful for her. She said during the resume submission process, she identified and addressed her weaknesses, expressing confidence that she would eventually secure a suitable job.

The recruitment officer from Huizhou Huayang Medical Device Co., Ltd. affirmed SCMU students’ active job-seeking attitude. Regarding skill development in university, she advised majors in technical skills to deepen their expertise through research, while majors in managements should participate in organizational activities to cultivate teamwork and communication abilities, laying a solid foundation for future employment.

This was SCMU’s first major spring job fair for 2024, featuring 134 companies, including central state-owned enterprises, state-owned enterprises, higher education institutions, and groups from Huizhou and Jingzhou, spanning fields like pharmaceuticals, education, and technology. Approximately 2,200 job positions were offered. According to preliminary statistics, 1,066 graduating students attended, submitting 4,121 resumes in total, with 828 securing employment intentions on-site.

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